Technology and Gadgets

Dentistry is changing at a faster pace then ever. As new technology is developed we assess each advance to see whether it would bring any benefits to our patients. We aim to make tecnhology and systems that are proven avaialable to our patients.

Here are just some examples of technology we use:-

Digital x-rays

We use the latest instant digital x-rays in the practice. This has many advantages. Firstly there is less radiation for patients. We can show patients enlarged x-rays on a screen so they may better understand their condition. It is also kinder to the environment as we no longer use the chemicals required to develop film.


As you can appreciate the accuracy and precision required in dental treatment is very high. That is why we undertake most of our treatments under magnification by wearing dental loupes.


Our practice is fully computerised with all records and x-rays now stored electronically. This allows us to operate as efficiently as possible. We also use SMS text reminders to remind patients of appointments.

Digital SLR camera with ring Flash

This allows us to keep very accord records of your teeth as the images can reproduce minute detail.Also allows us to show you any issues with your teeth on our widescreen computer monitor.

Apex locator

Root ZX Apex locator.This is utilised during root canal treatment for measuring the root canal lengthelectronically which is more accurate than previous traditional methods using x-rays alone.

Diagnodent Laser

Diagnodent is a technological apparatus that uses lasers to pick up any signs of tooth decay. The main attraction of such a device is that it is able to identify signs of tooth decay earlier than many other investigative techniques. This will improve the chance of a tooth’s survival, and will also lessen the need for invasive procedures used in the treatment of tooth decay. In a study conducted by Dr. Lussi of Berne University, Switzerland, dentists correctly diagnosed hidden fissure areas by visual inspection in only 57% of all cases.The same group achieved an impressive success rate of 90% with the DIAGNOdent. In fact, DIAGNOdent was far more accurate than any other method in the study including bitewing x-rays

Advanced laboratory systems

We use leading laboraties in our work which employ the latest techniques and use advanced ceramic systems form around the world. We select the system which is most appropriate for each patient.

OptilumeTrueshade Conventional surgery lighting has proven inadequate for accurate colour perception during shade taking procedures. Utilising the latest Optilume LED technology provides immediate and reproducable diffused light, eliminating the problem
of light

source deterioration experienced when using fluorescent, and other conventional surgery light sources. Uncompromising lighting for shade matching and characterisation.

Air Abrasion Technology prepares a tooth for bonding or sealants by increasing retention of composite placed on unprepared enamel thereby assisting non-invasive dentistry.

RECIPROC® -The latest technology revolutionising root canal treatment .Prepares root canals easily, safely and quickly.

Utilises the reciprocation motion whichminimises the risk of instrument fracture.Fewer specially designed endodontic files are needed speeding up the root canal process significantly for the patient.

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