Dental Sedation

Patients are often nervous about some aspect of dental treatment. We have found by providing a sympathetic ear, clear explanations and a compassionate approach we are able to make our patients comfortable. However some patients and some treatments are benefitted with an additional helping hand by providing sedation dentistry.

Conscious sedation is a form of anxiety control which makes treatment more pleasant for the patient. Conscious sedation can be given in a number of ways. Intravenous sedation is the most commonly used form in adults.

Advantages of Intravenous sedation

– effective, predictable and very safe.
– make you feel relaxed
– AMNESIAC EFFECT recollecting little or nothing of the procedure. Does not affect any part of your memory before the drug is given
– time passing quickly

People benefiting from sedation

  • – Dental phobic patients
  • – Patients undergoing long or complex procedures
  • – Anxious patients
  • – Patients with strong gag reflexes

Conscious sedation is a very powerful and safe way of reducing anxiety to allow dental treatment to be carried out and for providing comfortable treatment during complex or prolonged dentistry.

Following an initial consultation we will discuss all options for your treatment. We will also fully assess your general health to ensure your suitability for treatment under sedation. The aim of this treatment is to build up patient confidence so that in time you are able to undergo treatment sedation free.

The intravenous sedation procedure

A very narrow tube called a Venflon is placed within a vein in your arm or hand.The sedative is injected through a Venflon. The drug Midazolam is used to achieve a sedative effect and it is given slowly until the level of sedation is sufficient to carry out treatment. Treatment is carried out when the effect is achieved.

You will remain conscious throughout the procedure and will be able to talk to the dentist but will be relaxed and aware about what is going on around you.

The oxygen saturation of your blood and pulse rate will be monitored during the procedure.

On completion the tube will be removed and you will be discharged to your escort when the dentist feels you are recovered sufficiently to leave.The escort will be given post-operative advice on your behalf.

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