Dental Plans and Fees

We understand that the costs of dental treatment often puts people off from visiting the dentist regularly.

To help keep costs manageable we advise you to consider the following:

  • Attend regular check-up and hygiene appointments.
  • We will provide you all of your treatment options, the pros and cons of each option, and the full breakdown of your treatment costs before you begin.
  • If you require a large amount of treatment, we can spread your treatment out over time.
  • Consider our In-house payment Plan for both adults and children (see below for details).

We provide high quality dental care using the latest materials and techniques.

Wigan Dental and Implant Centre Care Plan

Your Choice For Dental Care with us

We know that prevention is better than a cure. Our Practice Payment plan encourages regular attendance and helps you spread the cost of your dental treatment across the course of the year.

We are delighted to offer our own membership scheme which allows us to provide you with the treatment and support you require for oral health.

Adults £16.50 per month (two examinations and two hygienist visits per year)

Included in this are two regular clinical examinations per year together with two regular hygienist appointments. In addition 2 x rays per year.

Discount:Any treatment required over and above this will be carried out with a 10% reduction in our normal fees(cosmetic ,implant,treatment on promotion is excluded).

Childrens Dental Plan £6 per month

For patients under 18 we have a separate membership plan. Included in this are two regular clinical examinations per year.

DISCOUNT:Any treatment required over and above this will be carried out with a 50% reduction in our normal fees.(cosmetic ,implant,treatment on promotion is excluded).

We accept payment by cash, cheques, debit and credit cards.

Payment Policy

It is practice policy that all treatment received at each appointment is paid for at that appointment. For treatment with a laboratory component half the cost is required at the preparation visit. We also require a deposit for the next appt normally when an appoitnment is 30 mins in length or longer.

Professional fee schedule

We do our utmost to ensure that you understand the cost of your treatment and are happy with the outcome. The fees below provide a guide to our fee structure. Every patient is different and hence each patients fees will reflect their individual needs. At the start of each course of treatment you will be provided with an estimate of the costs likely to be entailed and if the costs vary during treatment you will be given a new estimate. PLEASE NOTE FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE;You will be provided with a written estimate before any treatment is carried out.

Treatment Fee List
Standard fee
New patient examination £65.00
Routine examination £49.50
Scale and polish £49.50
Extensive scaling and stain removal £85.00
Small x-rays £15.00 (each)
Full mouth x-rays upto £120.00
Preventative Care
Hygienist visit
Standard £49.50
Extended £85.00
Periodontal Disease assessment and treatment £125.00 – for new patients extended visits
All fillings from £125 upto £375
Veneers from £750.00
Porcelain bonded to metal bridgework (per unit) from £650.00
Inlays/Onlays £750.00
Dental implants
Dental implants from £2500.00
Whitening treatment
At home tooth whitening system £425.00
Chairside Power Whitening £425.00
Root Canal from £550.00
Extractions from £175.00
Sedation from £450.00
Emergency Consultation (non registered patient) £75.00
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