Ceramic Inlays/Onlays

For larger fillings we prefer ceramic Inlays/Onlays

An inlay is an indirect restoration (filling) fitted to a cavity in a tooth and cemented into place.An onlay is the same as an inlay, except that it extends to replace a cusp

These are ceramicwhite fillings that are fabricated outside of the mouth from an impression taken of the teeth.
These therefore involve 2 visits. Visit 1 preparation and placement of provisional filling.Visit 2 cementation or fitting of inlay/onlay.

Although more expensive the superiority of a ceramic Indirect restorations in terms of resistance to wear, protection against recurrent decay, precision of fabrication, marginal integrity,surface polish and glaze, proper contouring for gingival (tissue) health,tight contact points(so no food gets wedged between adjacent teeth)and ease of cleansing offers an excellent alternative to the direct restoration.

Here at Wigan Dental and Implant Centre we take meticulous care in the diagnosing the need and provision of fillings.Aiming to provide minimalist preparations keeping the teeth as intact as strong as possible.We will carry out our work to the highest standards.In addition we strive to help prevent you from needing further fillings by way of preventive advice and regular examinations carried out to your individual needs.

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